Meg McCaffrey

Meg McCaffrey, from the Trials of Apollo series! I haven’t used colored pencils in a while, so sorry if the coloring looks a little shoddy >.< I like the personality and posture in this drawing, despite that the paper kept smudging 😛



Princess Leia

More digital art! I drew Princess Leia, with the Death Star in the background.I left the lineart uncolored for this one, because I merged the layers too early 😛



Another digital Pokemon drawing! I actually did lineart for this one, haha. This Pokemon honestly looks so weird and has a weird kissy face coconut on it’s tail? Also, yeah, I know it has three ‘faces’ but it’s from a side view, so you can only see two 😛



Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while >.< I have been drawing though, just not posting it here. Anyway, here’s a quick doodle I did of an omanyte. I haven’t done digital art for a while haha

pokemon (1)