Plague Doctor

I drew a Plague Doctor, from the 14th century. Their masks are really fun to draw! I decided not to color, because then the outline would be hard to see.



Bo Peep

Bo Peep, from Toy Story! Sorry that the quality is a little funky, my phone camera was being weird πŸ˜›


Muffin Monster

Hey, would you look at that? I actually designed a character! I made this for a DT with Crypticlassified. He has chocolate chip spikes and teeth. The blueberries are for decoration πŸ˜› He gets around by hopping. I hope you like it!


Blobfish in a Cone

. . . With a cherry on top! Blobfish are some of my favorite animals, so I decided to draw them! I think I’m getting better at coloring πŸ˜€ I reallllly like how this turned out! Don’t forget to leave a like~