Inktober #14 (Monarch Butterfly)

Day fourteen of Inktober! I don’t really like how this drawing turned out, hopefully tomorrow’s will be better 🙂



Inktober #7 (Sparrow and Lightning)

One week of Inktober done! 😀 Wondering what Inktober is? Here’s the link! Today is my friend’s birthday, so I drew his two pets together. Sparrow is the dog, and Lightning is the cat. I colored it in with colored ink pens (so fancy!)


Aunt Sally

New OC I guess? Anyway, I have a little story o’ horror to tell y’all. I was happily coloring away, staying true to her color scheme. After I finish coloring her leggings, I realize it’s the same exact color as her shirt and looked like she was wearing covertoe pajamas 0_o I quickly grab some random colors and smear them on top, hoping to fix it. Alas, it turned the murky, ugly shade you see before you. Oh, well. Obviously, she doesn’t have the best fashion sense and I wouldn’t put it past her to buy that shade anyway :3 Well, let’s learn about Aunt Sally!

Aunt Sally was created in a lab experiment that was trying to create human life, which resulted in the creation of her and her twin/clone. (She is part cat.) She is something like an alien, and doesn’t understand many human customs. She thinks she is the coolest thing since ‘Peanut butter and sprinkles’, one of her favorite things to eat.  She LOVES baking and always wears her trademark purple and orange striped oven mitts. She is a vegan, so everything she bakes is vegan-friendly, and she often shares her food with her pet cobra. Her favorite thing to bake is onion breadsticks, resulting in her always smelling like onions. She is a gymnast, and teaches a class on it on Tuesdays. When she’s not baking or doing gymnastics, she is creating fan fiction for her favorite book series, Twilight. She also loves ordering new ‘hip’ clothes on eBay and playing with My Little Pony™ (She owns every figurine). Watching paint dry is exciting to her, and she repaints her house at least once a month. She’s not really an aunt, she just likes people to call her Aunt Sally, because it ‘sounds cooler’. She often goes by the nickname Sal-Sal though. She has been diagnosed with white coat syndrome, and such her doctor thinks she is very sick, and checks up on her regularly.

She is sorta eccentric, but she was really fun to draw! Honestly my favorite part of this drawing is her left sock 😛 I really don’t like the shading on this so don’t look at it *cringe cringe* I’m gonna go ahead and put her in the ‘animals’ category because she’s part cat :3


Muffin Monster

Hey, would you look at that? I actually designed a character! I made this for a DT with Crypticlassified. He has chocolate chip spikes and teeth. The blueberries are for decoration 😛 He gets around by hopping. I hope you like it!


Blobfish in a Cone

. . . With a cherry on top! Blobfish are some of my favorite animals, so I decided to draw them! I think I’m getting better at coloring 😀 I reallllly like how this turned out! Don’t forget to leave a like~