Oswald and Ortensia

I drew Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Ortensia the Cat. I realllly like how this turned out! 😀 Make sure to give me your feedback in the comments!



Simba (again)

Q: What do you call your virtual pet sheep?

A: Sim-Baa

It’s Simba! (Again). My photo app kinda warped the coloring around his mouth and chest :3 I tried a more contour-y look for this drawing. Hope you like it!


Judy Hopps

I realized I hadn’t made anything from Zootopia, so I decided to draw Judy! Her facial expression is a bit odd, but I really like the shading! Although I wish I could blow up the mouth with an atomic bomb xD Please comment what you would like me to draw next! 😀



I can relate to Winston, from the short film Feast, because I also don’t like green stuff on my food. I tried to draw him in a more realistic way, because his anatomy is reaaaalllly weird to draw. Used this pic for reference.