Inktober #7 (Sparrow and Lightning)

One week of Inktober done! 😀 Wondering what Inktober is? Here’s the link! Today is my friend’s birthday, so I drew his two pets together. Sparrow is the dog, and Lightning is the cat. I colored it in with colored ink pens (so fancy!)



Inktober #5 (Origami Crane)

Fifth day of Inktober! Woop Woop! For those of you wondering what Inktober is, click on that ‘lil smiley face to get to it ——> 🙂 I know on Inktober #4 I said I would never crosshatch shade again, but here we are! I wouldn’t call it perfect, but I think it’s a lot better than last time! I love making origami cranes in real life, and decide to draw one! Make sure to come back tomorrow for my next Inktober drawing! (Feel free to comment what you think I should draw next) Also I forgot to put my signature on this but oh well 😛

IMG_20171005_145337 (1)

Inktober #4 (Tintin)

I reallllyyyy dislike how this turned out.  Please don’t judge my other art by this I beg you. Anyway, another day of Inktober is done! Wondering what Inktober is? Well, here is a magic portal that will take you right to the official website! I also tried a hatch kind of shading for this. #neveragain


Inktober #3 (A rose)

Day three of Inktober! ^u^ If you wanna know Inktober is, here is the official website: (I am not following the prompts as you might tell.) Today, I drew a rose! (I kept it black and white obviously). I did kind of a dot shading thing for it, and I think it turned out pretty good! What are your thoughts? Hope you enjoy and come back tomorrow for my day four drawing! 😀