Inktober #2 (Eliza)

This is my second drawing for Inktober, Eliza! (Yes, I know I drew her many times already but be quiet.) If you’re wondering what Inktober is, here is the official website: (I am not following the prompts as you might tell.) Also for my first Inktober drawing it says I posted it today for some reason 😛 I did not. Hope you enjoy!



John Laurens

More Hamilton fanart! Sorry for not posting in a while, I’m going to start posting more often 🙂



Eliza is one of my favorite characters in Hamilton! I love the personality in this one! I know the lighting isn’t too great in this pic, but I hope you still like it! 😀


Philip’s grave

I drew Angelica and Eliza mourning Philip’s death. What a fun way to start the weekend 😛 Comment what you think I should draw next, and ‘don’t forget to liiiiiiike’. (Get my Hamilton reference?)


King George III

DA DA DA DAH DA DAH DA DA DAH DIE YA DA DAH DA DA DAH DA DAY YA DA! Some fanart of King George from Hamilton. I used this pic by my sister for reference: I changed it quite a bit, though!



May you ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSS (alwaysssssssss) be satisfieeedddd! Who doesn’t love some hamilton fanart? Here’s the reference I used: